On this page, you will find all necessary certificates, documents, and links related to iQ3 cellulose insulation, namely, the technical details and installation instructions.

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Low-Density cellulose

iQ3 is a low-density cellulose. Thanks to the unique production process, it is possible to blow it into the same compartments with a lower density than traditional cellulose brands. The result is a lower cost price, less waste, more efficient transport, and, above all, faster installation.

Download the density table

EPD (Environmental performance declaration)

iQ3 cellulose is listed in the B-EPD database (and therefore also in TOTEM).

Produit Biosourcé & Filière Wallonne

With iQ3 cellulose, you provide customers living in the Walloon Region with an additional benefit of the Produit Biosourcé label.

If your customers with a house/building in the Walloon Region use iQ3 cellulose, their basic subsidy for insulation work will be increased by 25%!

To obtain this subsidy, you follow the normal steps of the Primes Habitation procedure on the website: (link: Adding the iQ3 cellulose Produit Biosourcé certificate above to your application is sufficient.

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