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Low-Density cellulose

iQ3 is a low-density cellulose. Thanks to the unique production process, it is possible to blow it into the same compartments with a lower density than traditional cellulose brands. The result is a lower cost price, less waste, more efficient transport, and, above all, faster installation.

EPD (Environmental performance declaration)

iQ3 cellulose is listed in the B-EPD database (and therefore also in TOTEM).

Produit Biosourcé & Filière Wallonne

With iQ3 cellulose, you provide customers living in the Walloon Region with an additional benefit of the Produit Biosourcé label.

If your customers with a house/building in the Walloon Region use iQ3 cellulose, their basic subsidy for insulation work will be increased by 25%!

To obtain this subsidy, you follow the normal steps of the Primes Habitation procedure on the website: (link: Adding the iQ3 cellulose Produit Biosourcé certificate above to your application is sufficient.

Even our packaging is designed
to take the environment into account

We do not use ink on the plastic packaging of our iQ3 cellulose insulation, and this means it can be recycled into transparent foil (instead of being downcycled into black foil). As a result, less transparent foil has to be produced new for manufacturers, leading to many advantages: less use of raw materials and fewer transport miles for raw materials.

How can YOU help us complete the circle?

  1. Remove the transparent wrapping film from the pallets and collect it in the supplied collection bag.
  2. When installing the iQ3 Cellulose, ensure the bags are completely empty; you can also place the empty bags in the collection bag.
  3. What do you need to do when the collection bag is full? Return it directly to ISOPROC in one of 3 ways:
    1. directly
    2. via our carrier who will pick up the iQ3 container
    3. through your specialist retailer

We will take care of the rest.

This is how we can make sure our iQ3 cellulose insulation packaging is completely recycled.

Integral recycling of iQ3 packaging

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